Dangerous: The spread of radioactive cesium in the Iraqi city of Babylon

Adil alkuzay 2/04/2024

The spread of radioactive cesium in the city of Al-Dulaab in the Iraqi Babil Governorate, which was subjected to a media blackout and secret measures for the purpose of not revealing this dangerous issue. For three months, the Al-Dulaab area has been witnessing an abnormal situation due to the presence of special teams to deal with the spread of radioactive materials in the city. The seriousness of this matter comes from the fact that the material is a dangerous radioactive substance that can spread through the air or through water, especially since the Tigris River passes through this city. Passing through the governorates of southern Iraq and reaching the Arabian Gulf, it does not appear to date that there are any real precautionary measures, due to its weak capabilities. Iraqi government. The greatest danger lies in the event that it falls into the hands of political parties affiliated with Iran to be used to manufacture death, or reaches the hands of extremists. The director of the Health Department in Babylon stated that the matter is under control and that there is no cause for concern, but the reality of the situation imposes great fears of the spread of Radioactive materials reach agricultural products or nearby rivers. This portends a potential major environmental disaster. Some testimonies spoke of human cases of radiation injury that were transported to Baghdad for examination, and there are other testimonies of injuries among animals, which contributes greatly to the belief that the substance actually leaked.

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